Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Life as a Navy Wife

Among the Navy Wife community it is asked many times where all have you been stationed.. So I figured I would tell you!

When Kris joined the Navy, we lived in Pensacola, pretty close to the naval base over there.. After he finished boot camp our first duty station was shore duty in Annapolis, Maryland at the Naval Academy. I can tell you this about Maryland, it is really beautiful.. The flowering trees and beautiful scenery make from some really relaxing back road driving.. I really wouldn't mind going back there again. We were supposed to be stationed there for two years but since Kris was undesignated we were there for about 1 1/2... We had arrived there in April 2005.. and left in Oct. 2006.

I tried to find some of my pictures from Maryland, but apparently I didn't upload much then.. but here is a picture of my gorgeous husband from when we were living there.

We arrived next in Great Lakes, Illinois for Kris to go to A school and get his rate. We were there for 9 months during the fall and winter and I loved it there also.. it was beautiful.. the peacefulness of watching the snow fall at night through my window cannot be matched. Not only was watching the snow fall wonderful, but having impromptu snowball fights with Kris made for fun times! When there wasn't snow, the landscape was so green and lush, just absolutely beautiful! Also, driving on snow, not so bad.. After all .. people I think learn how to drive better up there because they have to be more
The beautiful scene that is Illinois

Once Kris finished with his school it was once again time to move.. this time though he had to make a stop beforehand.. So Kris left for Virginia and his C school, while the kids and I went down to Florida to live there for a month. Kris and I made a visit to each other once during the time he was in Virginia .. we met sort of half way in upper South Carolina and spent a night or two together.. :)
Once he finished with his month long school he drove down to Florida and we prepared for our trip to our current duty station, San Diego.

Kris & I and our at the time two kids.. Made the cross country drive from Florida to California. What is good about San Diego.. hmm... I have a great nail place here! I have met some wonderful Navy Wives... and.. um...yeah that's about it..

Before Kris left on his last deployment he had to go to Pensacola for another C school that was 2 months long.. to make a long story short.. we ended up moving there for the 7 1/2 months he was gone.. one of the best decisions we ever made.. of course it should have been made a little sooner.. but hind sight is 20/20.. During that deployment I got to mend old wounds with my family and foster relationships with my sister, dad, and nieces, that I have been wanting for years!

These were taken on my last days in Florida, before I made my trip back to San Diego.




March of this year I moved back to San Diego with all 3 kids and myself in one van making the 2000 mile journey to be here in time for Kris to return from deployment.. now that was a happy day! It was the longest amount of time that we have spent apart to date! That was a stressful deployment! but back to the point of this particular blog. ...

Although I am not fond of San Diego, I have taken quite a few pictures here.. so here are a few.

This is the neighborhood that I live in on a beautifully gloomy day.. I love it.. those days don't happen often here.

This one was taken when my dad and I went to seaport village

And lastly, this one was taken at Balboa Park

It is now that time again, time to add another move to our roster of moves.. We are going to be moving this coming November to Washington, which I am sure if you read my blog you already We will only be in WA for a short time before it is time to move once again. Where to? I do not yet know.. but I will let you know when I do.. We will start to look at orders this coming March.. and I have been told that he could choose and we could move as early as next October.. but we shall see... either way, we will only be in WA for about a year.. then it is off to who knows where.. but I am sure wherever we go, I will meet some wonderful Navy Wives..

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