Saturday, August 28, 2010

30 days of Me- Day 12

Day 12 - whatever tickles your fancy

Well today is my whatever day.. So, I will let you in on something I have been working on for awhile... and that is my weight. After I got pregnant with Alora I kinda just went crazy with food.. I gained over 50 pounds... After I had her, I didn't fix that either. I just continued to eat lots and lots of food, dooming myself to an expanding waistline. At 147 pounds I found it hard to get back to the correct eating habits.. I told myself that while Kris was on deployment I would change things.. but I didn't..

Finally about a month or so ago I decided that enough was enough! It is time for me to be happy in my skin again! So I started changing the way I eat.. (No, I do not diet!) I began counting calories again and slowly the weight has started coming off.. I started at 147 pounds.. and am now down to 136! It is amazing how big of a difference 10 pounds can make on someone.. I am still working to get back down to the comfortable 125 that I was before I got pregnant, and I WILL MAKE IT THERE. For now though, I am taking the correct steps to move towards my goal and although the movement is slow, it is movement. From what I hear a slow loss is better anyways because it makes it more likely that the weight will stay off in the future. I can tell you one thing, that is definitely true, because before I got pregnant with Alora I had stayed slender for years. Even through my pregnancy with Tristan I stayed slender! It can be done!

One thing that has always bothered me is when people claim they cannot lose weight, they can't do it! I am here to tell you that you can! All you have to do is retrain yourself how to eat! Don't cut out certain foods! That will only lead to disaster! Once in awhile you need a cheat day but just because you "cheat" and eat more calories than you should on one day does not need to be a reason to do it everyday! Here are some of my progression pictures.. I need to take a new one.. but you get the idea anyway.

So here I am at 147-145

And this is me at 139-140.. about 5-7 pounds lost..

I will add my most current picture in a few days..

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