Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great Day!

It has been a good day. Nicole & I got together and went to lunch, then it was off to ROSS, my all time favorite store!! Where I got Alora a couple cute outfits and some coffee cups for my exchange person. Once we were done there we headed out to the Mall.. Once in first stop was of course the smoothie place! lol.. Then we stopped at many many I ended up with a pair of shorts from Jcpenney and a couple essentials that I needed from walmart including printer ink and tea, gotta have tea! lol.. It was a long day that probably would have been easier without my cranky 2 year old.. but it was still fun..

Once I got home I got the two packages that I need to send out all packaged up and scheduled for pickup tomorrow! My exchange is going out via fedex, cause it was cheaper that way, and the box of stuff for our first ever ASA giveaway is packed up and scheduled to go out tomorrow also! Yay!

So I got everything done today and I didn't spend a lot of money.. total plus for me! It is great having a great FF like Nicole to spend time with! I <3 her!

This is us! Not from today, but recently..:)


  1. I wub you my FF! I always have a great time with you!!!! Thanks for introducing me to my new favorite store...Ross! Travis will not be happy with this development lol

    You forgot that we picked the names for the GIVEAWAY!!! Woot!

  2. Yeah I did forget to post that.. oh well, maybe next


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