Wednesday, August 25, 2010

30 days of Me- Day 9

Day 09 - a photo you took

Well, as anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows, I am a photographer.. so I take A LOT of pictures.. So this will be another long

I will start with this one, not a great picture as it was taken with my phone, but, it was taken of something I made. I have always had crazy dreams so I made myself this dream catcher in the hopes that it would filter out the bad ones, so far it is working.


Next is a picture I took of Alora at a friends, daughters, birthday party.. I just love her expression here.. And the fact that the birthday girl is peaking out behind her..:)

I like this one because it is of all my boys having fun on the carosel .. man they got that thing going so fast that Mcleod's glasses flew off his face! lol


This is a picture of my beautiful niece Kami.. I miss her so much.. and I really like this picture..

So those are some of the pictures I have taken just for me.. on my non-professional side, just of life and the people I love.


  1. i love you and your family and i am so glad your dream catcher is working :) you guys are so amazing

  2. Thanks V! I am only as good as the company I keep..:)


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