Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting well again..

So, after all the fluid that was drained from my breast the first time I still felt like they had missed a pocket. So I went back in to see Dr. Patel once again and he sent me down to ultrasound to have it drained.
The did it in ultrasound so they could see where the pocket was exactly and guide the needle in.... The needle was HUGE.. when I say huge, I mean in length. I couldn't even give you an exact of how long though, but it scared me. They tried numbing me up before putting it in but that didn't help. It feel like they had lit my breast on fire as they guided the tube in.
The pain was so intense I could not help but scream. I even cussed at them once when they continued to tell me it was all done now, repeatedly (while the tube was still in) because it still hurt extremely bad. They pulled another 110 CC's of fluid out and it was the same yucky brownish color as the first time. Here is just a small sample of what they pulled out that they sent to the lab.

After pulling out the 110 cc's they stopped but left the tube in and attached a drain that they referred to as a grenade. The grenade had slow suction that would pull more fluid out over the next almost 2 days that I had to wear it.
This is my "Grenade"
The doctors were rather amusing even though I was in pain.. They joked that I should most definitely not call the hospital and tell them I have a Grenade I need help with.. haha..

I had that in until Friday July 22nd then went back to have it taken out. It hurt just as bad taking it out as it did putting it in.. I screamed.. LOUD.. Poor Rachael who was there with me probably got her ear drums split by how loud I screamed.. or at the very least it probably made the baby in her belly got a sudden wave of nausea and dizziness after the drain was removed.. but Rachael helped me out and gave me some water until I felt better.

After all that I drove home feeling a bit better but still having some pain. My pain has slowly been subsiding as I try to heal from all of this. My running has been put on hold until I am fully healed because I do not want jar anything and cause anymore fluid build up.. that is a pain I don't ever want to feel again.

So that is my update.. I am working on getting better and I so appreciate my wonderful friends Betty & Rachael who have helped me and spent time with me. I am also very thankful for all of your prayers. I know how blessed I am to have such wonderful people in my life. I love you Kris!

Monday, July 18, 2011

See Jane Run

Well, yesterday was my first ever 5K event. It was a nice event, I really enjoyed it after I finished my run..haha.. I have to admit I was very disappointed in myself during the run and after.. My time ended up being 38 minutes.. which did mean that I beat my goal of at least 45 minutes. However, I know that I can run it faster as I have done it in 33 before but with all the crazy health issues that I have had recently I lost some speed. sigh..

It was hard to make myself keep going after my niece left me in the dust.. lol.. She is much faster than I am and finished in only 32 minutes.. where as I finished in 38. Don't get me wrong, I am super proud of how well she did as this was her first 5K also! I think I just need someone next to me pushing me along to do better.

So my goal is to get my speed up as much as I can while dealing as best I can with my breast pain. I am able to control it with high doses of ibuprofen so I did fine during the run.. after it though.. well, lets say when I went to bed last night percocet was my friend..haha.. but that was the only thing that hurt as I am used to running 3 miles.

Making my way to the finish line.

I want to thank the ladies that got me started and pushed me to keep going .. Thank you to Elizabeth for being my inspiration.. Thank you to Photina for helping me to get started running in the first place, being my coach, and making me believe I could continue even when I wanted to quit. I would have never even started running if it had not been for these women.

Big congrats go out to both Elizabeth for her full marathons and many other runs and Photina for her two recent completed Half Marathons! Also congrats to Nicole who recently finished her first Half.

I hope that one day I make it to where I can complete a half marathon too.

Remember.. If you think you can't .. you won't .. but if you think you can.. YOU WILL! (unknown)

I would have loved to get pictures with Photina & Nicole after they finished but Kris & the girls were ready to leave because of the rainy weather.. :(
So here Mystry & I are after we finished. :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The pain of it all..

Well, it has been a little while since I have posted.. I have been having some major issues with one of my breast. My right one began to swell and hurt. I went to the doctor and they sent me home with pain meds and antibiotics even though there was no sign of an infection.
I saw another doctor, and another, and another, this includes the original surgeon that did my natural augmentation. She seemed nice and caring, but never tried to do much to help me because I am sure she did not want to have to pay for it. She blindly extracted 10 cc's of fluid from my breast and stopped there.

The difference in size.

I once again went back to my pcm asking for help but expecting none after being turned away 3 times before. Finally she took pity on me and referred me to a surgeon. He didn't want to see me at first but after I went in to talk to him he was wonderful! He sent me to have another ultrasound and needle aspiration. The two doctors that removed the fluid were great! They pulled out 125 CC's of gross brown fluid!

I am so thankful to God and to them that finally helped me. My breast feels much better.. the pressure is gone.. It had grown to two sizes bigger than it had been previously. It still has mild pain, but it is mostly soreness from the needles and all the fluid that was removed. The doctor is hopeful that the fluid won't return but in case it does i have his number to call him directly. He told me all my labs came back good and there is still no infection. He believes it to be a bad reaction to some dying fat.

So, that is my story.. I am thinking that the natural breast augmentation isn't worth the agony that I have gone through the past few weeks.. I couldn't even use my right arm.. I don't recommend this procedure to anyone.