Wednesday, November 17, 2010

From there to here.....

Well, it has been awhile since I have blogged.. things have been rather busy.. I left California on Nov. 6th with Kris, my dad, and all the kids.. We drove over to Glendale, Arizona so that I could go to my commencement ceremony.. unfortunately I do not have any good pictures of me walking because I failed to teach Kris how to use my camera prior to the ceremony... But there are a few snapshots that we took afterwards..

After leaving Arizona we headed up to Las Vegas and got a room at the Excalibur.. that was a huge disappointment... the room was awful.. but we had a good time anyway.. spent way to much money, and dad gave Kris & I a date night..:) We went to the eiffel tower restaurant and spent a boat load of cash and got some good food..A little miscommunication kept us from going to see a show.. but thats ok.. we still got to enjoy each others company.

We left Vegas and headed to Reno.. We stayed at the Atlantis in the Concierge tower and let me tell you it was beautiful! Best hotel room I have ever stayed in! They had free Hors d'oeuvres, breakfast, and dessert in the evening! I wish I could always stay in places like that!

We continued on to Portland, Oregon and drove through the mountains and lots of snow to get there.. ended up buying chains for the tires because of the amount of snow on the road....Stayed at a horrible days inn while in portland got up early and left for Washington... Finally made it here on the morning of Nov. 10th and got our house... Then began all the days of work.. deliveries, installations, shopping, and then Kris left to go back to SD.. and I found out that the van is broken and leaking gas from the fuel tank.. :( Then Dad left to fly back home .. So now I am dealing with the insurance company and trying to see if they will fix it.. but I have to take it in to a shop and have them look at it first to see "what caused it" They said if it is normal wear and tear they won't cover it ... but if it is something damaged then they will .. but the appraiser who glanced under my car said he couldn't see anything so as it stands they aren't going to cover it..

Lots of snow!

Arriving in Tacoma

So I am going to take my van in tomorrow morning and see if they can diagnose the problem.. and if it is something that the insurance company will cover then I will get a rental car.. if not.. then I will just go without my car for who knows how long.. sigh.. I really should go to the grocery store and get some more food before that

I have had the good fortune to be spending much more time with Nicole lately too.. it is so nice having her live close to me...

I am also looking forward to getting to meet some of the other Navy Wives up here.. Next week we are all doing Thanksgiving here at my place.. so that should be a lot of fun... :)

I guess that is about it for now..

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Time to move...

Well, the packers came yesterday and packed up all our stuff.. those guys were hilarious and definitely made the day more enjoyable and a lot less boring... I can say that it is definitely nice to have Kris here to take the kids off somewhere while I stay with the movers rather than having to deal with kids and movers at the same time.

We did have a small set back on monday.. The idiots at Cox decided to shut my internet and cable off 5 days early! So after much complaining and yelling at those idiots they credited us for the next 6 days and came back the next morning to turn it back on.. ugh.. So we missed monday night Raw.. so not happy about that...

Right now the movers are here and taking all of our stuff to the trucks... looking at all of our stuff packed makes me realize that I definitely did not get rid of enough stuff! I hope that I can find a place for it all without having a garage.. It is going to be like playing tetris with totes when we get there! LMAO!

I can say this though, I will surely be trying to get rid of more things as I unpack. We need to continue to lighten our load and not carry around things that are not in use or important to us.. of course random holiday decorations like Christmas and Halloween do not count in this equation.. I will not be getting rid of that

I will however be putting up my Christmas tree as soon as I get to Washington.. Since dad and Kris will both be in the house for only a couple days after we get there.. yea.. I am hoping that we can get the delivery on the 11th or even 10th so that I can do that.. since dad has changed his schedule and is now leaving us on the 11th instead :( ... Kris had to take leave early to be here for my graduation so he is leaving us by the 13th or 14th i think... but i am glad that he is able to be here for my graduation at least...

I am looking forward to meeting all the Navy wives up in Bremerton and having the Thanksgiving potluck since I know many of our husbands will still be in san diego for that holiday...

Anyways, this was a lot of Tomorrow the cleaners get here and then my dad... and friday it is time to do the final inspection and head off to Arizona... :)