Monday, February 22, 2010

Allergy meds

Sooooo .. I finally had a girls night out the other day.. first time in.. well .. i don't remember the last anyways.. I have been put on allergy medication, Allegra... it says on the side of the bottle "do not take with alcohol" well, i didn't, I took it the morning before I went out drinking... Welllllll that doesn't exactly work... If you take one of those damn things at all in at least a 24 hour period before you drink .. you will be completely worthless on much less alcohol than it would normally take... I myself can usually handle up to 10 shots.. this time.. i had 5.. and blacked out.. I don't remember over half of the night.. yep.. bad idea.. soooo for future reference for anyone who like me does not realize the seriousness of it.. DO NOT MIX ALLERGY MEDS WITH ALCOHOL! I was so sick the next day you would have thought I drank a whole bottle of liquor!