Friday, January 25, 2013

Date Night Giveaway!!!

Ever wonder why you want to get busy and he is just eh about it? Well so have many others. You can check out this book for a little bit of insight. Best of all I am going to be giving away a copy along with some movie tickets so you can have a night out with your love!
"I'm Still Sexy So Whats Up with Him?"

The longer we are with someone the more comfortable we get with them.. so to say the least the sex can slow down a lot. So is it just comfort or is there something else? Here is a quick app test you can do to see if your loved one is suffering from Low T.

To enter the contest there are 2 steps to take.
1. go on over and Like my fb page Hughens Photography

2. Take the test and post your own date night tips in the comments section below.

Thats it! Make sure you leave me an email to contact you at if you are the winner!