Monday, November 30, 2009

The Holidays

Whoever said holidays were easy in the first place? But for the Navy Spouse holidays can sometimes seem like a Mt. Everest with no possibility of making it to the top. Deployments are rough, but when they fall during the holidays things just get almost unbearable. One day you are fine and life is just life.. but then you hear a song or someone says something that sparks a memory you have with the love of your life... this can bring you to tears in a matter of moments.. melting you like the sun does the snow.. This isn't my first Christmas or Birthday away from Kris. As a matter of fact our very first Christmas and my birthday as a married couple he was gone .. at boot camp... and i have to say that was the hardest one of all.. with hardly any contact at all I was sad pretty much all the time.. lucky for me back then we only had one child and he was 4 almost 5... and the grandparents were around to do a lot.. This time around though things are a little different .. we have 3 children... and our youngest is 1.. who I work hard with to keep him fresh in her mind.. I don't want to celebrate Christmas without my other half... but I have to do something for the kids.. our real Christmas won't be until daddy comes home though...

So for all of the women who are dealing with deployments this Christmas season.... lots of love to you .. I know it is hard to be alone, especially during the holidays.. I am very thankful for all the friends and family I have here in florida and Ca