Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Before & After

I don't think I ever posted my pictures after my 20 pound weight loss last year so now I am finally getting around to doing it.. Hey, I'm only a year late! lol.. On March 15th 2012 I decided enough was enough and I was going to start eating right and doing some cardio. (My running adventures never made me lose weight) So I started keeping an eye on what I ate and doing 20-30 minutes of indoor cardio a day. 3 months later on June 15th 2012 I had lost 20 pounds!!! Finally after all these years I am back at my goal weight of 125 and holding steady. Although some days that is a little harder than others but I feel better about myself now than ever. I am happy with the way I look and it feels good to be able to run. I recently did the Fort to Base run and did 11.5 miles in 2.26 hours! My best time ever at a 12:30 minute mile! I am thrilled with how far I have come and although I am not a consistent runner in this cold climate I do still enjoy getting out there sometimes. So without further ado .. Here are my before and after pictures.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Beware of MOTOROLA

Shyrlena: Hi, my name is Shyrlena. How may I help you?
Pamela Hughens: Just wondering when I am going to get my phone back.
Shyrlena: I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience; I’ll do my best to assist you on this, do you have tracking number?
Pamela Hughens: RMA 1090320
Shyrlena: Just give me minute I'll just check it.
Pamela Hughens: It was delivered to the repair facility on the 24th at 10:30a
Shyrlena: If that was the case, most probably you will receive the phone by oct. 8, 2013.
Shyrlena: But let me just check it for a while, Did you receive a notification for tracking number from fed ex.?
Pamela Hughens: There is no shipping number attached to the RMA
Pamela Hughens: Nope, The only notification that i have received says you guys don't have my phone.
Shyrlena: We're sorry to hear that, can you please verify the RMA number that you provide me. Because it is invalid.
Pamela Hughens: 1090320
Pamela Hughens: This was the original one 1032721 .. then when I Had to send it back a second time they attached that one to it.
Shyrlena: ok just give me a few moments as I'm goimg to verify it.
Pamela Hughens: yep
Communication with Shyrlena has been lost. Please wait while attempts are made to restore the connection.
You will be requeued in approximately 120 seconds.
Pamela Hughens: hello
Communication with Shyrlena has been restored.
Pamela Hughens: seriously
Shyrlena: hi I am sorry my tools is experiencing an error.
Pamela Hughens: ok
Shyrlena: As of now, the phone is in the repair center and is not yet ship. We are sorry for the inconvenience because our repair center had transfer a placed so in this case there will be a delay for about 3 days.
Pamela Hughens: I haven't had my phone since the 5th.
Pamela Hughens: of september
Pamela Hughens: hello
Pamela Hughens: are you refusing to answer me?
Shyrlena: The time frame is 7-10 business days. We received the phone last sep.24, you should have it by oct,8. however there is a delay in our side because our repair center office had changed place. So please wait until 11th of October. For further assistance please contact our customer service hotline. 1-800-734-5870.
Pamela Hughens: This is the worst company i have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.
Shyrlena: “I'm sorry you feel like that, I hope to rebuild your faith in Motorola.”
Shyrlena: You are still under the time frame of 7-10 business days. No need to worry, we will make it sure that you will have your phone as soon as possible.
Pamela Hughens: You people make me so angry that it is really hard not to say bad things to you when you tell me that I am under the 7-10 business days!
Pamela Hughens: They have had my phone twice! The first time I sent it in was on Sept. 5th. I got it back on the 20th. Sent it back to you on the same day! You received it on the 24th .. It is now the 7th and I still do not have my phone... That is NOT 7-10 business days in any form of the imagination.
Shyrlena: I fully understand that you are frustrated with this issue. Please be assured that I will look into this matter for you.
Shyrlena: The time frame is 7-10 business days. Please have patience.
Pamela Hughens: I am a military spouse and I will be letting everyone in the military community on each forum that I am a part of that they should never purchase a motorola product.
Pamela Hughens: Please don't say that again as it is no where near true.
Pamela Hughens: I have had patience. It has been 32 days since I Have had my phone!
Pamela Hughens: My patience has now run out.
Shyrlena: I will escalate this issue to our repair escalation team to assist you furthermore. Please don't be mad.
Pamela Hughens: I have already tried escalating this situation several times and your company does not care about its customers. They just tell me that I am wrong as you have done and to suck it up and wait.
Pamela Hughens: This conversation will be posted on my blog.
Shyrlena: I can see there has been some misunderstanding about your issue. I will escalate this issue to our repair escalation team, they have your status, and they knows more regarding this. I sincerely apologize for this.
Shyrlena: Hi. I noticed you have been away from the chat session for 2 minutes. I’ll stay here until the next minute so I can continue to help you with your concern. Feel free to contact us again through our chat support so we can further assist you or you may also call our toll free numbers, please follow this link Thank you and have a nice day!
Shyrlena: I hope you found our chat to be helpful. I would request that take a moment to fill out a short survey to tell us how we did after you click 'Disconnect', please remember to click on the 'Close' button within the chat window. The survey should only take about 1 minute to complete. Your responses will help us get better at serving your needs.
Pamela Hughens: It has not been helpful.
Shyrlena: I hope to rebuild your faith in Motorola
Pamela Hughens: I seriously doubt that will occur, but thanks anyway.
Shyrlena: You are welcome.