Wednesday, August 18, 2010

30 days of Me- Day 2

Day 02 - your favorite movie

This one is pretty easy, although again, I do have more than one.

1. Labyrinth, this is my all time favorite movie, I absolutely love everything about it!

2. What Dreams may come... I think it has a good message for relationships.. you can make it through hell if you love someone enough.


3. Dogma, this movie got me through a really rough time in my life. It also brought my faith back.. as strange as that may sound.

4. Hope Floats, just because the name says it all.. keep believing, keep trying, keep hoping, and things will get better.

5. Legends of the Fall, another beautiful movie and where we got both Tristan's name, and the piano theme for our wedding. <3

There are many more movies that I like and even love, but these are my favorites..:)

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  1. I love Labyrinth and What Dreams May Come. They are such great movies.


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