Wednesday, August 25, 2010

So much ....

So much stuff has been going through my mind lately, friends, packing, moving, my commencement ceremony, Mcleod going back to school only to get taken out soon to go to Wa., Dad coming to help me move just in case Kris can't get the leave that he hasn't even applied for yet! Soooo much stuff.. I have half a garage full of things we are going to get rid of and honestly I am so ready for the stuff to be gone I almost want to just throw it away rather than trying to sell it just so it will be gone!

I have started organizing our pictures again, I have one tote full of photo albums and many other photo albums and pictures that were just floating around the house.. so I consolidated and grabbed a new tote to put the albums and pictures I find in. That was yesterday and now it is almost full.. lol.. I may need another tote for What can I say, I love pictures.

While going through our things yesterday I found a giant trash bag full of what I though was blankets.. but no, it was pillows.. what looked like new pillows.. about 6 or 7 of them.. crazy huh.. so those will be going in the for sale pile.. and after thinking about it (just now) I realize that I should probably have a garage sale before Kris gets home, because I have Alora's bday party scheduled on the 25th and I would really like to have all that junk gone by then.

I am ready to pack up my studio too, but I have a few more pictures that need to be taken first. I need to do our family portrait for our Christmas card.. Alora's bday photo shoot, and I have one more pinup shoot to do with Victoria. Then I will be done and pack all of that away.. that will clear up A LOT of space in the garage so we can just get everything moved to the side and packed.. It will be quicker and easier when the movers get here if we have that stuff already in totes so they don't have to pack it.

If it weren't for the fact that we do have some good stuff we are getting rid of, I would just throw it all away, but I know that we should be able to make some money off this stuff and that makes me want to try to sell it. Some friends and I are going to get together at Kristina's house on the 4th to have a big group yard sale.. I am hoping that it turns out well so we can really declutter.. plus we could definitely use the money right now!

I still haven't gotten my hotel room in Arizona for the commencement ceremony.. guess I need to schedule that.. I am looking forward to walking and have picked out my dress already.. now if I could only lose these last 11 pounds I would be a happy girl.. I am starting to actually see a difference in my body.. but I am definitely ready for it to be a bigger difference.

I am staying on track with my eating habits and it gets easier everyday to do it. I have found myself back to where I started with not wanting to just sit and eat... I have also found it easier to push the food away once I am full and control the urge to go back for seconds.. Sometimes my body doesn't get the signal that I am full right away.. for instance, we had chicken cacciatore last night and after I ate I didn't feel full until about an hour and a half later... I don't know why. It really annoys me though, because it is moments like that one that make me want to continue eating when I don't need to, but I have been eating better, and even when I snack it is on something better for me that chips on most days. Don't get me wrong I still snack on my chips, but I don't eat nearly as much as I used to.

Ok, so I have rambled on long enough on this one.. I will probably write more later so that I can break up the blogging a little bit since I was all over the place with this


  1. I think people should move or act like they are moving every so often. You find things you realize that you forgot about. I hope you enjoy walking at your graduation!

  2. Thanks! I agree, it has been nice going through some old memories and also purging ourselves of all this stuff that is weighing us down.. we went from probably 30-40 totes.. to about 10!


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