Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well we are officially moving to Washington in only 2 short months. It took over 3 months for Kris to get his 1306(extension form with the Nimitz) approved so we could schedule a move and know for sure that the navy would move us. Now we know, as of just this past sunday we finally got word it was approved. We will be moving to Washington in November and we will be there until December of 2011.. I don't know where we are going after that. With the Navy there is no telling but we are ready for whatever comes our way. Lately I have been thinning out our things, trying to get rid of all the extra baggage we have acquired over the years that we just don't need. It is depressing sometimes for me to get rid of somethings .. I am a pack rat and find sentimental value in pretty much everything.. So for me getting rid of things is a show of strength that until now I have been unable to muster. I have to dig deep in myself and make the decision, "do i really need this? will I ever use it?" Many times the answer is no, and if the item has no seriously significant sentimental tie, like my dad or Kris gave it to me, then it has to go. There are still many things I keep, that probably should go. I will probably need to go through our things at least 2 or 3 more times before I can really get rid of all the unnecessary stuff. For now though, at least I am doing something about the tons of stuff we seem to be just dragging around with us from place to place. Even though it has been hard, I feel some sort of freedom by ridding myself of these "things" it is almost liberating.
So now I am waiting for a copy of the HPC form so that I can send it to the moving office. Gotta have that to schedule my move on the Navy's dollar. So again I wait, but this time, it isn't scary or unsure.. I know I will have that paper, I just don't know how soon.

I am really looking forward to the drive to Washington, taking lots of pictures, and spending time with my dad, since he is supposed to fly in and drive up with us. I am supposed to call him today to buy his plane tickets.. hopefully he will still be coming, but only time will tell.


  1. dam girl i never get to see you much now your moving even further away. i will miss you as i do already.I am also a pack rat myself you know you can always give me anything you dont want and I will take care of it for years to come. I love ya girl good luck to you and your family :~)

  2. Thanks Trina! I will send you what I can but that gets


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