Sunday, August 22, 2010

30 days of Me- Day 6

Day 06 - whatever tickles your fancy

Well, I guess I will go with shopping on this My favorite store is Ross I go there frequently for no in particular reason just because I love to browse through their things in the hopes of finding something awesome. I have purchased many, many, dresses from there.. a few of them have been evening gowns, and never cost more than twenty bucks if I buy it. :) I can say this, if I had more money, I would probably have more stuff from Ross.. lol.. Actually since Kris is mostly interested in sleeping today, I will be taking a trip over to Ross as soon as I get up.. which will probably very soon.. I want to find some Red Heels.. Mostly for photo shoots, but hey every girl needs a pair of red heels.. right?

This is one of my under $20 dresses that I found.. (I will post a picture when I find the red

So onto other things, back when we were in Florida, Alora decided it would be a good idea to pull my wonderful new camera off of the kitchen counter onto the ceramic tile floor.. :( It hasn't been the same since.. so, I will be selling it to a camera place and buying a new one with income tax return.. This time however, I will be getting an extended warranty!! I am thoroughly irritated with my pictures as of late.. because of my messed up camera.. and will definitely be glad to remedy this situation quickly. Ok, so that is enough of the

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