Monday, August 23, 2010

Thinning things out

We have been carrying around so much stuff for so long that we had totes, upon totes, upon totes, in our garage and storage room. Well, we finally decided it was time to start thinning out all this "stuff" we have been carrying around. There is just no reason for us to have all of these "things" when we don't use them and they don't really serve a purpose.. Some things were easy to get rid of, while others, well, they had a sentimental value attached that made letting go pretty hard. So since we knew we needed to let go we decided to take pictures of the things that we are getting rid of so we can keep a memory of that item without taking up the space with the actual item. I think it was a nice trade off. Now comes the part where I will actually try to sell some of the stuff.. and throw away the rest. Kris & I will have a garage sale sometime in Sept. but I will also be taking some of the stuff to a garage sale at a friends house on the 4th. Any little bit of money I could make would definitely be helpful in our move. We still have several more totes to go through, but we have definitely put a big dent in things and that makes me very happy. Even if letting go is a little sad, the weight being lifted off of us by getting rid of this stuff is even better. :)

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