Monday, September 6, 2010

A great day!

Today has been an excellent day..

It started off with an email from my wonderful husband sending me the HPC form that we have been waiting for.. The form that makes scheduling our move to Wa possible! So as soon as I got that email I got online and finished scheduling our move and emailed in the extra paperwork. I am so thrilled that is done now! Only thing we are waiting for now is a leave chit.. :) So the morning started off wonderfully and continued to get better! :)

My in-laws took the kids and I got a "Me" day.. :) So I called Nicole and she came out to go get a pedicure with me! Yay! It was nice having her go with me and having a girls day.. with no kids to drive us

We hung out and got pedicures then went to lunch.. after lunch we had to hit Jcpenney for the Labor day sale.. and look what we found!

These dresses were awesome! Especially Nicole's dress, unfortunately hers was 90 bucks! So she didn't get it..:( I did buy mine! I will be wearing it to my graduation ceremony!! :) I love it! It is so comfortable too.

I am thinking that we HAVE to find an identical dress to this one for cheaper, cause it looks awesome!

It was so wonderful having Nicole to go shopping with! Look out Wa, cause her and I will be living closer to one another! lol
Nicole had to leave the mall earlier than I did, she had a thing to go to .. so I went to VS and picked up my free undies and cheap bra with my coupon! :)

Once I got home my wonderful friend Ed called me.. which is a good thing because I was worried about him, since I hadn't heard from him since monday.

I also got a call from the love of my life.. a day is always good when I get to hear Kris' voice..:)

My FIL cooked dinner for everyone, of course I was still full from eating with Nicole so I didn't eat.. but I did make some popcorn for everyone..:) Now everyone is in bed and I am relaxing.. working on getting rid of the perfume headache that I acquired at

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  1. I love shopping with you!! I can't wait to be closer and we can do more shopping. You looked hot in your dress, I am sure Kris will agree once he is home. That should be your next ball dress :)

    Can't wait to get to WA and explore more stores!!


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