Sunday, September 12, 2010

30 days of me- Day 27

Day 27 - this month, in great detail

Hmm.. Well.. this would mean about mid August till mid September.. Let me see.. bear with me cause I have a bad memory.. but I will try..with the aid of my phone calendar...

So starting on the 13th.. Kris was already gone on an underway.. I have no clue what I did on the 14th or 15th.. on the 16th I started the 30 days of me.. I know that I was doing a LOT of cleaning and separating of things.. making piles of things to get rid of.. I did that for several days... Kris came home for about a week.. and helped me go through some things.. then he left again... I continued working on getting rid of stuff and shipped out a box to Jennifer for the picture frame and coffee mug exchange on ASA...
Went to the Wic office while Victoria took Mcleod to the Orthodontist.. Went to the grocery store several Took Kris back to the boat twice.. went to the base to get new stickers put on his car..
My inlaws came into town and spent some time with us, I got my nails done and got a pedicure, went shopping with Nicole a few times. Went to eat with Nicole a few times. Had a garage sale and sold some stuff..
Scheduled our move with the Navy.. played Just Dance.. A LOT! Went shopping with my MIL.. Dyed my hair red a few times and today will be dying it back blonde. Tomorrow is Alora's bday so I will be doing an asian style photo shoot with her.. hmmm.. I can't really think of anything else.. and that was in no kind of I did a lot more stuff.. but I honestly can't remember it all.. lol

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