Saturday, September 11, 2010

30 days of me- Day 26

Day 26 - your week, in great detail

My week in great detail.. lets see..

Saturday I spent deep cleaning my house and carpets... worked on it all day then Victoria came over for a bit and we played just dance.. after that it was a bath then bed..

Sunday, Kim came by and bought a picnic basket from me and we sat and talked for awhile. Then my inlaws got here and made steaks for dinner.. mmm.. then we all played just dance for a bit.. the kids went to bed and I made homemade blizzards.. mmmm...

Monday I finally got the HPC form from Kris! Filed all our paperwork for the move, then my inlaws gave me a me day! Sooo I called up Nicole and we met up at the nail place and got pedicures! Then we went to lunch at applebee's, followed by a trip to the mall since JCpenney was having a labor day sale! After Nicole left I went back in the mall to get my free underwear and discounted bra from VS.. then I headed home.. Played just dance with the kids and inlaws again ... relaxed a bit in the bath then went to bed.

Tuesday I got up to make everyone pancakes for breakfast, once I realized I didn't have enough flour it was off to the store for me. On the way I stopped and got Kris' dry cleaning then I went to the store and while I was there I ordered Alora's bday cake. On the way back home I stopped at the housing office and filed our move out paperwork. Came home and chilled on the computer till my MIL was ready to go to the store.. we headed to Ross.. a halloween store, and then walmart.. once that was finished we went back home and found out that they didn't have to leave that night after all.. so we all just hung out and then it was bath and bed for me

Wednesday I had an appointment in Del mar to get an IPL facial. .. so i headed up and did that.. on my way back I stopped at target to pick up some eyeshadow i had a coupon for and a birthday card for alora. Got Tristan a couple things too. Came home and helped my inlaws get their stuff into the truck.. Then it was time to say goodbye.. So we watched them drive away then went inside for dinner.. got the kids ready for bed.. then bath and bed for me.

Thursday was more of a lazy day.. I mostly worked on the internet all day then the pre inspection guy for housing came late...eating sometime in between that and feeding kids and getting them ready for bed and then bed myself.

Friday I did some laundry washing all of Alora's linens and some clothes.. cleaned some dishes, posted some garage sale signs and did other random things I cannot remember.. bath dinner bedtimes.. i am sure you are getting the

Saturday I got up early and had a garage sale. Did that till about noon put alora down for a nap and left Nicole and Kim here so I could go pick up sandwiches. Came back and ate, cleaned up the garage sale, got some very bad news, then emailed it to kris. Went inside and played just dance with the girls.. Cooked dinner for myself and the kids.. fed them .. now am just waiting for bed time so I can take a bath and relax..

So that is it.. in a nutshell.. a week.. I don't know how i am going to do a year or a month.. i can barely remember yesterday... and if i didn't have a blog I probably wouldn't have remembered most of these days

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