Monday, September 13, 2010

30 days of me- Day 28

Day 28 - this year, in great detail

Hmm.. a year huh.. in detail.. well you probably won't get that out of me.. but... I will give you a few highlights..

August 2009

We were in florida preparing for a deployment and had alora's bday party early so Kris could be there. Spent time with family in Florida.

Sept 09
Flew back to SD packed up the house and put everything in storage with the help of some great friends. Kris flew out to meet me, we went to vegas.. said our goodbyes and I flew back to florida and he flew to the ship. Alora turned 1. I spent time with the ladies I met in pensacola Kela and Jen and time with my family in Lake City.


Oct. 09
Spent time with friends, went trick or treating with the kids. Started going to a church we liked.

Nov. 09
Went to live oak for thanksgiving. Spent more time with friends. Spent time with my nieces and visited with family.


Dec 09
Had my birthday alone at the house just myself and the kids. Got 3 days of gifts from Kris sent to me. :) Spent Christmas in Live Oak and Lake City .. got to spend it with my family for the first time in years! After Christmas my two youngest nieces got to come back to stay with me until it was time for me to move back to SD.

Jan 10
Hung out with my nieces a lot getting to know them and doing lots of shopping. Took them to get new glasses also. Played lots of computer games with Kami.
Celebrated Tristan's 4th birthday!

Feb 10
Spent more time with my nieces .. and my friends. Celebrated Mcleod's 10th birthday. Did a few photo shoots.

March 10
Time to say goodbye.. took the girls to Tallahassee so they could see the state capital before taking them home. Took Sapphire home and picked up Mystry. Spent my last two days with them and with Dad and Heather. Said all my goodbyes and cried as I drove away from my dads house for the last time. Left Florida with the kids and drove cross country back to SD. Got to SD 4 days later and went to Nicole's house. (thanks Nicole!) Got a place to live and Nicole & Whitney helped me out with my move in. KRIS CAME HOME!!! WOO!!!


April 10
I was so glad to have Kris home I don't remember this month! lol. I think easter may have been in there though.. not

May 10
Kris left a week before his birthday for a school in Jax. Celebrated Kris' birthday with a surprise party after he got home from his class in Jax.

June 10
Mystry came to visit us for two weeks and it was really great having her here!! We went to the state fair, twice! Got old tyme pictures taken.. had lots of fun.. then had to say goodbye.. Kris & I celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary at the Melting Pot.. it was lots of fun!


July 10
Had a 4th of July bbq and lots of friends came.. even had a couple more bbqs after that..

August 10
Kris left early this month and was gone for most of it.. so i didn't do much.. I did do a couple pinup photo shoots though.

Sept. 10
Kris left again.. Did a photo shoot for Alora's bday and my inlaws came to visit.

So that is a year for me in a nut shell.. obviously there is much more that happened throughout that time.. but I don't remember enough to give details.. my life is more of a photo journey.. so if you wanna know what i did.. I am sure you can find it in pictures on

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