Monday, September 27, 2010

ASA Crashed....... AGAIN

To say the least I am getting rather tired of the site crashing once a week.. I get even more tired of people basically getting pissed off at me for it. Yes, I know threads were lost when they had to reboot from a previous backup .. yes it sucks.. but it was only a weeks worth.. and no.. I cannot not do a backup of the site every single day.. Makes me want to shut the whole thing down just so I don't have to deal with it anymore.. sigh.. Ok.. so that was enough of my

I got the site back up and talked to the host about preventing it in the future.. I did what I could and am hoping it was enough.. only time will tell.. I will just make sure I do a backup right before I move.. cause heaven knows when I will have internet access back after I leave CA. ..


  1. Pamcakes (can I call you PamCakes? Its stuck in my head thanks to, dont let stupid people bug you. You work your ass off for ASA and all the important people appreciate it... those who dont can go somewhere!

  2. Hold on I have to BAHAHAHAHA at Pamcakes

  3. lol Jessica.. yeah, you can call me that..


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