Tuesday, September 7, 2010

30 days of me- Day 22

Day 22 - a website

There are only a few websites that I frequent.. this one of course.. Facebook..sparkpeople to track my calorie intake, and A Sailors Anchor the Forum based website that I created for Navy Wives and S.O.'s.

I already mentioned ASA in a previous post and how much it means to me. Giving Navy wives a place to connect means a lot to me. Being a Navy Wife myself, I know how hard it is to constantly move to new places and not know anyone there. This site has allowed me to meet so many wonderful women virtually and in person all over the world. I will be meeting some more new ladies when head up to Washington in a couple months and I am really looking forward to that. There are some wonderful women that I have gotten to speak to online that I am very excited to meet in person. I also look forward to our next move and meeting even more of these wonderful women.

I hope that every woman that joins this site will get out and get to know each other. I know I have been shy at times not wanting to put myself out there for fear of not being liked, but don't miss the opportunity to make a new best friend!

Not everyone you meet will be your new best friend, but you will still have great times and meet wonderful people. You will even find that person that will stick with you as a friend no matter how far apart the navy sends you. Trust me on that one. Don't get discouraged if you don't find that friend right away, keep enjoying the company of the wonderful women you meet and you will find that special friend.

ASA has given me a new interest in meeting people and I even host many get togethers myself. I love having access to so many wonderful people. If you are a navy wife or significant other.. please join us.. you will be glad you did. :)



  1. Thank you so much Pamela for creating ASA! I love it and its an amazing place filled with amazing people!

  2. It is my pleasure, I think Navy S.O.s deserve a place of their own to connect. Somewhere they can call home that doesn't change. A stable place in a hectic world. :)


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