Tuesday, January 4, 2011

First Velashape Appt.

Ok, so I had already paid for 3 velashape appts. with Athenix through Groupon .. so today was my first appt. here is how it went..(velashape is a non-invasive procedure for smoothing cellulite and the possible tightening of skin)

I showed up at the appointment time and they laid me on a bed and ran this wand over my stomach ... the wand has lots of rollers on it, heats up, and kinda sucks your skin..I would say it felt like my stomach was being it was mildly uncomfortable at first then when the heat kicked in it wasn't really uncomfortable at all.. afterward I didn't feel any different... They say that it takes about 6 times of going before you notice a difference.. so we shall see..They also said that it should feel like I have been doing crunches but as of right now I am not feeling much of anything..other than the soreness in my legs from jogging yesterday.. and my arms are STILL sore from boxing with my golds gym wii game a few days ago! lol..

They also told me that any time I am taking a shower or in warm/hot water that I should massage the area to help with collagen production..hmm...


  1. oooo I'm so curious to see how it turns out. Are you taking before and after pics?

  2. Yep, definitely taking pictures.. I took some right before I left and after I got home and will take more after the next appt. but I am waiting to post them until after I am finished.


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