Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I have never looked up the meaning of this word before.. so here it goes..

   /ɪnˈsɒmniə/ Show Spelled[in-som-nee-uh] Show IPA
inability to obtain sufficient sleep, esp. when chronic; difficulty in falling or staying asleep; sleeplessness.
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Origin: 1685–95; < L, equiv. to insomn ( is ) sleepless ( in- in-3 + somn ( us ) sleep + -is adj. suffix) + -ia -ia

This was from

Well, according to this definition.. that is exactly what I am dealing with.. I have had problems staying asleep for as long as I can remember.. I wake up several times throughout the night..usually to pee...sometimes from dreams or nightmares.. but rarely if ever have I actually slept through an entire night.. I even try not to drink anything during the day so that I won't have to pee at night.. it doesn't help.. if the slightest amount of liquid is in my bladder it feels unbearable at night..

The funny thing is I will be tired throughout the day.. ready for bed.. ready for sleep... then I will lay down .. and nothing.. sleep doesn't come... if this was only once in awhile it wouldn't be a big deal but it is virtually ever single night..

The night before last I fell asleep by 1030.. but woke up about 15 times..several of those were just waking up for the sake of waking up and about 4 other times were to go to the bathroom.. so to say the least I am not getting the rest that I need..

Problem is.. I don't know what to do about this.. I haven't been falling asleep before 2am on most nights.. last night was after does anyone else have this problem? I am sure there are many of you out there that do.. as a matter of fact I recall many times seeing middle of the night fb posts of people saying that they could not fall asleep.. so to all those ladies.. I feel your pain..

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