Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A trip to the Chiropractor...

Now I have never really been one to go to doctors much. .and definitely not for every little thing.. but I got a groupon for a free 1 hour massage, exam, xray, and adjustment at a chiropractor in Port Orchard...for only $37 bucks.. In my opinion the massage alone is worth that.. so I did it today.. I had my massage and as the lady was doing it she was commenting on how knotted all of the muscles in my shoulders are.. she tried her best to get them out.. but there are still some left.. It is definitely better though.. and she was wonderful and nice..

After my massage I met the assistant and then the chiropractor.. they asked me a bunch of questions about pain, did a physical exam and then took xrays.. they even stayed past closing time to do all of this for me...

So.. after my xrays I go into the exam room and wait for the doctor to finish reading them... He came into the room looking confused.. he asked me if I had ever seen a full spine xray of my own before.. and I said no.. he stuttered around quite a bit as he told me that in the 2 years he has been working for this office he has never seen someone as far out of alignment as me.. he said my spine was very literally 2 inches from where it was supposed to be... He said he couldn't believe that I wasn't in pain all the time..

Which I am but it is headaches and not backaches.. He looked so confused as to how I was walking He then did a check on me to see how things line up (apparently one of my legs is longer than the other due to some of my alignment problems, which I knew from a previous physical therapist)

Then he did an adjustment.. it was interesting.. kinda felt good even.. now I am just relaxing and thinking sleep is going to take over me very soon...

goodnight from yours truly the crooked spine lady.. haha

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