Monday, January 10, 2011

Just an Update..

Well, although the motivation still isn't here I have been feeling better.. I did a small amount of exercising with Kris last night.. just some crunches.. but it was nice that he wanted to do it with me.. I try to get him to play my "workout" games with me all the time but he

I have been doing better at cooking more often so that is good.. I have never been much a fan of cooking although I am pretty good at it.. lol.. I think I just hate cleaning up afterwards.. lol.

Yesterday I got to hang out with Nicole for a few hours and go to random stores... that was enjoyable.. I love being able to go out with my friend(s) and enjoy the day without having to worry about the kids.. that is always relaxing.

As Nicole and I meandered around in Barnes & Noble looking at the discount books I of course said that I wanted to write an autobiography... then I retracted that statement and said actually I would like to tell someone my story and have them write a biography for I think that it would be rather interesting.. I know when I look back on my life I have a few crazy stories to Of course it may end up being sold at the dollar tree.. but hey... better than 50 cents... right? lol.

Today I woke up to snow falling.. I love watching the snow fall, I find it very relaxing... I am hoping for a nice blanket of it so that I can try and take at least one of the kids outside for some pictures.. probably Mcleod since he seems to be the least impervious to We shall see though...


  1. If we ever get to meet in real life, you can tell me and I'll write your story for you! I want to write books, but am the queen of one or two chapters and then I end up moving on. Your story is obviously not over, so I could keep


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