Monday, January 10, 2011

My Studio...

I have made a small decision that has made me feel much better... I am going to bring my backdrop stands in the house and keep them and my backdrops close to the living room so that I can do "studio shoots" in my living room.. I won't be able to set up my big lights.. but I will use my small floods that can be put away easily and and I am very happy about that! I will be setting up the first time to take some pictures of Tristan for his 5th birthday.. Probably on the Sunday after his birthday since we have things planned for his actual birthday on sat. and a party for him on Friday..

We are going to take him to the Monster Truck show in Tacoma for his birthday.. I think all of the kids will love

Sooo.. I have some rearranging to do with my totes which I am thinking about getting done today since I have no other plans for the day.. ... and am now feeling a stronger need to get things organized and get rid of unnecessary stuff... That will make it easier for me to get to all the things that I really need when I need them..

I am thrilled with my decision to bring back my studio on a very small scale.. a year without it is just horrible! lol

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