Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting Closer....

Moving day that is... A month from now our house will be empty and my dad will be here.. ready to start our journey to Washington with a couple of stops.. We still don't know if Kris will be traveling with us or not.. No one can seem to get their head out of their butt long enough to sign a piece of paper saying yes he can go or no he can't.. to say the least I have been stressing myself out over this. Schedules with the ship also changed so now it is more than likely that Kris will not be going to my graduation on the 6th either.. sigh.. I wish they could just quit changing dates already..

On another note, I have sold some stuff and shipped some clothing to my sister and nieces so that is much less to be packed.. I still have a lot of things to get rid of and am really hoping that I can do it.. I think I may have another garage sale on saturday.. I believe that would definitely be beneficial to my

I know I mentioned doing 30 days of pictures but I haven't started it yet.. I was thinking of doing it closer to leave time.. that way I can get pictures of the trip.. of course with not knowing when we will have internet up there I know that I will not be able to do 30 days in only 30

However, maybe I can just take my pictures and post them whenever I finally do get internet..

So I will ask all of you to do something for me.. If you do pray.. can you pray that somehow Kris is able to come to my graduation.. it would really mean a lot to me... Thanks!

So I guess that is about it for now..

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