Saturday, October 9, 2010

Just a little..

Update to life... Yesterday I called up housing in Bremerton and got our new address.. very happy about that.. I also scheduled the shut off for our cable here and set up the turn on date for service in Wa. :) It is nice to have things done..

However, I am still waiting to find out whether Kris will get leave or not.. and for what dates.. I am hoping that we will know something this week about that so we can get things taken care of.. but either way we have our first 3 hotel nights booked.. and that is something at least..

I still need to find a coat for Tristan and I am hoping to find a good one tomorrow at Jcpenney.. they are having a rockin sale so I am thinking yes..:)

I have learned something else over the past couple days... Nicole left for Washington on Friday.. so we haven't had a whole lot of contact lately.. I know.. it was just yesterday.. but it seems like longer.. in the past few weeks we have spent even more time than normal with one another in person.. and I think that made her leaving I am looking forward to getting up to Washington and actually living closer to her so we can hang out more..:)

Another thing I have re-learned lately.. I love Google Earth/Maps... I have been able to look around the streets in my neighborhood with the click of a mouse.. how convenient .. what a great way to get a feel for your neighborhood before you even get

So that is my update... I have done pretty much everything I need to do for the move sans some cleaning... so I am happy about that.. still have a few things to get rid of but .. I don't know if I will actually attempt another garage sale...since I don't like having to sit in my garage for several hours hoping someone will show So anyways.. you get the idea..

Haven't been taking many pictures lately.. so unfortunately nothing for the blog.. sorry!


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