Thursday, October 21, 2010

A little bit of everything..

Well, there is about two weeks until it is time to get out of here.. and we still don't know anything about Kris' leave.. fun stuff.. oy.. We were able to get rid of a lot more stuff.. even a bunch of Kris' clothes.. So we have lightened our load tremendously.. that is always a good thing.. So now we are just waiting and getting all the food out of our freezers..

I have been stressing out quite a bit lately and things have been bothering me more than normal.. after a conversation with Nicole, my fil, and Kris.. I am feeling a bit better... but still feeling very anxious.. hopefully that will show up as weight loss for me and finally push me to my

I have also found myself very touched by some things my FF Nicole said about me recently.. and I really appreciate the fact that I have her. I don't know what I would do without her.. it is going to suck at the end of next year when we have to say good-bye.. and I can tell you, I will be planning trips to visit wherever she is .. and of course I will harass her via skype like I do

Last night was a bad night for me.. not only was it hard to fall asleep due to the drunken snoring of Kris, but when I finally did it was to wake up to myself screaming from a nightmare.. that is always fun.. I would explain the dream.. but it wouldn't make much sense.. so I will abstain from that.. After I woke up from the scream I had a splitting headache.. so I took ibuprofen and went back to sleep.. luckily the rest of my dreams were good for the most part...but I tell ya, that does not make for waking up feeling well

I have been listening to a lot of the music I grew up on lately.. lots of 80's and 90's rock.. and it makes me feel good.. a lot like my old self.. kinda makes me want to get one of those ipod things too so i can make several different playlists depending on my Rock works best when I am frustrated...

I do realize this blog has been kinda all over the place, but I couldn't really decide on a particular subject to write about .. so it ended up just being about onward and upward! Saturday's blog will be about the giveaway contest!

And since I don't think I have mentioned it.. I had to get several inches cut off my dead dead hair.. it is short.. but I am happy with it.. :)

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