Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A little bit of me...

I have been feeling very frustrated and angry lately.. mostly due to still not having ANY word on whether or not Kris will have leave for our move... and it only being 2 days until he is supposed to start leave. To say the least it is starting to grate on my nerves and I am finding it hard to not show my anger over the situation.

The biggest reason I am so bothered by it is because if he doesn't get leave that means no commencement ceremony for me.. and that upsets me.. I usually don't plan anything .. but I had this planned around the navy's dates.. but of course they changed their plans.. too bad I can't just change mine so easily.

Anyways, luckily I have been kept busy for the past 3 days with my inlaws being here.. It is always nice to have them around.. plus the kids LOVE it!

I have also had some exchanges going on with ASA for Christmas time and the Milspouse giveaway that I did here on my blog.. I was a little disappointed that I only had a few entries.. but maybe next time there will be more. I plan to do another giveaway sometime in December I believe.

If any of my lovely Navy ladies make things that they would like to donate for a giveaway I would be more than happy to have a contest for one of your pieces!

Let me leave you with this thought.. although things do not always go our way it is how we deal with those things that can either drag us down or lift us up. Sometimes things are going to make you angry, and that is ok.. but don't let it keep you down to long.. things will get better .. Smiles are contagious.. so give some away!

And just for a little photo relief here is a picture of my "Twins" lol

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  1. I really hope Kris can be there for your commencement ceremony. You deserve to walk and be cheered on! And, wow they do look so much alike!!!


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