Saturday, October 23, 2010

Giveaway Day!

Hello Ladies! Today is the day of my giveaway! I am giving away this beautiful bracelet from Gambizzle Jewels She is another Navy Wife that creates wonderful Jewelry, You should definitely check out her site!
Here is the piece I will be giving away!

Ok, so here are the rules! Post a comment with your name, military affiliation, and why you want to win this bracelet! I will keep this open till Monday the 25th and then choose a winner! Remember, you have to be a follower of this blog in order to join the contest! Once a winner is chosen you have 24 hours to claim your prize or I will choose someone else.

Thank you so much for your support of our military!


  1. Yay Giveaway day!!! Jessica--US Navy Spouse and I want the bracelet because its gorgeous and so I can get mail from The Pamcakes.... which also means I'll have your address and can bombard you with postcards from England. :)

  2. Jen-US navy spouse, I love this bracelet:) I have a set of pearls that carl got me in Thailand that are the same color and they would go perfect together:) And I am allergic to all things not gold, and I would love to have a bracelet to wear:)

  3. Cheryl - US Navy GF(at least till he finds out our big news :-D )
    I currently own no navy pride items and would love a pretty way to support my man, especially now that the dreaded 1st deployment is looming nearby...
    {I'd also love an address for the creator of the site that has saved my sanity *smirks mischievously* }

  4. Megan - Navy Wife

    lol I literally sat here and typed up why I want the bracelet into a long reply and it didnt even post!!!! :o(

    I said I don't have many feminine military things and I absolutely love it, it's beautiful. Also, after all the bad things happening so far on Husband's and I's first deployment (more typical things, wrong pay check, car dying, etc.) I feel like I've handled things pretty well and although I haven't quite yet hit my breaking point (oh I so hope that doesn't happen), something as nice as this would definitely be a good confidence boost and a great addition to add to my outfit on homecoming day.

    Thank you for the opporturnity Pam! And good luck to everyone else entering!!!

  5. Liz- Navy wife!

    This bracelet is gorgeous, and shows Navy pride with grace and class! I'd love to rock a piece like this!

  6. My name is Charity. My husband is in the Navy and heading to Japan, but I am going to be here for the next year so I can finish school. I hope you would choose to share the bracelet with me, because I am going to miss him so much and I feel like this would be a beautiful tangible way to remember him while he's gone.
    Regardless of who you choose, I just want to say it is a lovely gift and it is a very sweet gesture on your part to bring so much joy to someone else.

  7. Well I absolutely love all the comments (: Can't wait to see who wins, good luck ladies! (:

  8. I'm Photina and my husband is in the Navy. Mrs Gambizzle's jewelry is lovely and I'd love to have one for myself. I am getting jewelry for others but have yet to get one for myself. I'd also love to rock a navy pride bracelet.


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