Thursday, October 7, 2010

Still Waiting...

On leave approval that is.. yep, that's right.. We still don'tknow if Kris will be traveling with us or not.. We are pretty sure however that he will not be coming to see me graduate.. which makes me very sad.. I really wanted to share that with my best friend, the man who has supported me throughout all of this... I don't know what I would do without him... I am very happy that my dad is going to be there with me.. but it is hard to shake the sadness of my soul mate not being there.. sigh...

I love him sooo much!

Soooo anyways... I have been working on getting more things packed up.. more things sold .. and just getting rid of things all together.. I am really hoping that somehow we will be able to fit all of our stuff in the new house.. it may be a little complicated since we won't have a garage.. but we shall see.. I am considering having another yard sale on saturday.. but honestly at this point I am just too tired to do it anymore..

I went shopping the other day at Jcpenney cause they were having a sale.. and got the most awesome gift for a friend of mine.. and since she probably reads this blog... I can't tell you till after I give it to I also got myself a Nike pullover.. I am not a fan of Nike exactly.. but their pullovers are soooo comfortable! I got my first one from a friend of the family a few years back for Christmas...and a while ago I ended up with bleach spots on it.. to say the least Kris was a little embarrassed when I wore it out of the house.. lol.. so I went on the hung for a new one.. but could not bring myself to spend 50 bucks on it! Luckily Jcpenney has awesome sales and I got it much cheaper..:) I am planning to go back and get another cause I have more

Ok, so this was a bunch of so that is pretty much it for now..

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