Friday, October 15, 2010

Nothing different really...

Just as the title states.. there is nothing much different going on.. We still don't know when Kris' leave is going to be.. We did however decide that even if he doesn't leave with us that we would just head to Vegas from Arizona and stay two nights there.. So I booked us two nights at the Excalibur.. if he gets to go with us.. then we will only stay the two nights.. if not.. Then we will stay a third so he can fly into vegas to meet up with us.. Things around the house are pretty much the same.. I have been getting rid of more stuff and packing.. I have tried heavy cleaning but with 3 weeks left here it is pretty much pointless..

I still have to ship out some stuff.. Mainly a box full of clothing to my friend in Florida.. I figure it is better to give the stuff to her rather than haul it up to Washington with me.. especially if I am not going to wear any of it. I have a lot of stuff that just takes up space.. I was finally able to let go of some old things I have been holding onto since i was about 13 or 14 years old.. One is an old jewelry box that has definitely seen better days.. and although I kept the stuff that was in it.. it was time for the box to go.. Then there was the caboodles that my dad bought me.. I probably used it for a couple years.. but it hasn't had anything in it since i can't remember when.. so it was time for it to go.. sad but true.. but I gave it to someone to give to their grandchildren.. so hopefully it will continue to be used.. :) And lastly.. my first camera.. that my dad bought me.. with the back held on by duct tape.. lol.. The Canon snappy EL.. which I always thought was funny cause those are my Dad's so here are those things that it was time to let go of.. I took a picture to keep the memory.. :)
The Jewelry box

The Caboodles..
The Snappy EL (Eddie camera... hehe


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