Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thoughts of the beyond

Like anyone else I think about death on occasion.. well while my nieces were here my middle niece asked me if I am afraid of dying....Which to say the least caught me off guard .. but I answered as honestly as I could.. I said yes... I am afraid of dying too soon.. leaving my loved ones.. I am afraid of my loved ones dying and leaving me here without them.... so much about growing old and dying frightens me... I wish I could say that my faith in God takes away all of my fear.. but it does not.... I pray about it but ... I especially pray for my children... and for my husband while he is away.. and not just away on deployment ... away from us anytime.. on his drive to work...or even a short trip to the store... I think that loving people makes the thought of death more scary... I see my grandparents growing old.. and losing memories... it scares me... I am afraid of forgetting.... I try to let everyone know in my life how much I care in the event that something does happen to me... I know this is kind of a gothic post ... but it is just one of the things I think about ... So I pray that anyone who has fears like I do .. will receive peace in their heart and mind.. and not be so afraid of what the future holds.. and to everyone.. I will pray for you always...

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