Thursday, August 20, 2009

They grow so fast....

Every time I look at my children I wonder where the time has gone.. My youngest child and only daughter is 11 1/2 months old and we will be having her first birthday party on Saturday... She has grown so fast.... She wears size 2 and 3 clothing, she walks, she says a couple words... and she communicates with me by pointing... and she just recently started waving hi... I can't believe this is the little baby I brought home last sept. My middle child has been going through a horrible stage where he whines about absolutely everything and drives me nuts... I remember when he was 2 and he was such a good kid.. he did everything he was told with ease.. I miss those days...
Although I love to watch them grow it saddens me to know that I will never have another baby and mine are growing up so fast.. now don't get me wrong .. I don't actually want another baby... I just miss having mine as cuddly little babies.. My oldest starts 4th grade this year... man that makes me feel old.. I remember when I was in 4th grade still! 2 of nieces are teenagers now.... it is crazy.. I don't know where all the time has gone.. the best thing I think that I do is take lots of pictures and videos to remember the kids as they are in every stage of their life... It is amazing how much they change.. my two oldest look nothing like the babies that I brought home from the hospital... and Alora is starting to resemble a toddler instead of a baby now..:(
Remember to treasure the time you have with your little ones because before you know it .. the time will be gone and they will be all grown up.. One of the reasons I decided to stop going to school after I finished my bachelors is because I want to spend more time paying attention to my kids instead of my school work... I want to enjoy them while I can... and the camera will be right by my side as I do.. and anyone that wants to can happily follow along and watch my babies grow...

Alora-- My youngest and only daugther.. as a baby

Alora -- Now

Tristan- My middle child as a baby

Mcleod-- My oldest son as a 2 year old.. (the youngest picture i have of him online)

My boys .. Now...


  1. omg, Alora has grown so much, omg..... it's hard to believe they grow and mature so fast... wow.. she's such a cutie! you've three great looking children, definitely take the time to spend with them! and i always love seeing your photos!

  2. I didn't know that was another reason you wanted to stop with school after you got your degree. You may have told me but my mind is silly at times. What a wonderful and great reason and I am 100% behind you on this. Your children are the most precious gift of all. You are a great mom Pamela.

  3. Thanks guys! I felt like my attention was spread too thin and I wasn't paying them enough attention and when I did I was always frustrated with something school related.. I am feeling much more relaxed now..:)


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