Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Move

Well, soon I will be making a trip back to CA. to pack up all of our things and put them in storage so that I can live in Florida for the next few months. It is kinda scary thinking about staying here where I don't really know anyone ... but it is what it is and we need the money.. When we go back to CA in Jan. I will be getting a new apt. that costs less so that we can save some more money... It is kinda weird that I dislike CA so much but I am really looking forward to going back .. but I guess that is just cause that is where all of my friends are.. luckily most of them will be transferring up to washington with us.. who knows were we will go from there.. the great thing I know is that we will not lose touch even though the navy will separate us all to soon... So anyways, on August 29th I will be flying back to CA without the kids.. yep... it will be the longest time in almost 4 years I have been away from them! I have not had this much time to myself since before tristan was born! What is even better is I will get almost 4 whole days with Kris in SD after he flys in! It is going to be nice to spend some real time with him and not have to worry about the kids.. A couple of my awesome friends are going to come over and help me pack up all my stuff too.. I couldn't ask for better friends. they have done so much for me already... I don't think i could ever truly repay them... well.. that is all for now..

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