Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Photography and random feelings

Well, life has been busy and strange lately... I went to another photographer and had her take outdoor pictures of Kris & I .. I can't say that it felt good to do that.. I really hated not having creative control over my pictures... I hate not being able to see all the pictures that were taken.. there are not many things I am a control freak over, but photography is definitely one of them. I was still the one doing all the posing for Kris and I but couldn't see what it looked like through the lens, so that made it I think that as soon as I have my surgery done or sometime this summer, whichever happens first... I will do some outdoors photos of Kris and I myself, just to make myself feel The pictures that I got done with the other photographer were good, I just have that control thing going
Here is my favorite one that she took.

Today since it is sunny out I once again decided to try and do Tristan's 5 year old photo shoot.. This time he was more cooperative and I got some good shots. :)
He loves making silly faces so that is a hard thing to

I had a long conversation with a close friend of mine the other day and apparently I was a little too blunt about my feelings and ended up hurting them... sigh.. I guess I have a knack for doing that.. people don't really handle my straight forwardness to well.. So to my friend.. I am sorry if I hurt you.. that was not my intention.

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