Monday, February 7, 2011

A reason, A season, or a lifetime. ...

I have met many people throughout my life and some have stuck around and kept in contact while others just kind of disappeared. So how do you know when an aquaintance turns into a friend? How do you figure out if they are going to stick around for the long haul? How do you know if you have found a true friend, a kindred spirit?

I haven't quite figured that formula out myself. Like I said, I have met many people.. I have friends that stuck around that I didn't expect to and friends that have disappeared when I thought they would stick around.

I truly believe the old addage that friends are there for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.. I have been lucky enough to find a few lifetime friends..

I have enjoyed spending time with the friends that have been in my life for only a season...even if I would have liked them to stick around it just wasn't meant to be.

I have also had friends in my life for a reason.. friends that have helped me through deployments spending massive amounts of time at my house.. friends that I was with for a reason cause they needed things from me..

It is all a part of life.. We put ourselves out there in the hopes that we will meet that friend who will compliment our personalities as we compliment theirs.. who will be there for us as we are for them..

It can become frustrating when we constantly feel alone.. when we have yet to find that particular friend that will stick around forever, some are lucky to find those people early in life.. some become friends in elementary school, some high school, some college.. I can't say I had any of those friendships in my young life...

It became discouraging and changed me.. and I cannot say it was for the better.. I have a tenancy to believe that most people do not like me.. They do not have to show any outward signs of disdain for me.. it is just my instant first thought.
Sometimes I think that I try too hard to make friends.. but I will not stop trying.. If you stop trying then you will never find that person you are looking for.. that true friend.. and I am not talking about your spouse.. yes, Kris is my best friend.. but we all need a friend outside of our Main relationship.

So I will continue to search through those people that cross my path in the hopes of finding more friends that will be around for more than just a season.. because that is life and we are hardwired to look for companionship in all of its forms.. friendship being the one we start with from childhood.. and hope to end up with in old age..

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