Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My experience with another Photographer

After much debate(with myself) and consideration about posting this I have decided that I am going to stay true to myself and be honest..

I went to another photographer in order to get outdoor pictures done of Kris & I .. To say the least I was a little disappointed.. She was an extremely nice woman, very friendly .. but all that doesn't matter when it comes to pleasing your customer.

I am sure that many people would be perfectly happy with the pictures we got.. but I am not.. I asked the photographer to pose us but she declined and stated that we were "doing fine on our own". This disappointed me, especially since I could not see what we looked like. I had no idea if my feet were wrong or our bodies were posed right.. we had fake smiles, or if my hair was messed up.

So in several pictures those problems were very evident to me once I was able to see the pictures. It was hard for me to choose which ones I wanted as prints because I was so disappointed with them.

Even my 17 year old niece noticed that our bodies were not close enough together for a married couple without my even saying anything.

So here is my problem, yes, I am critical, yes, it is because I am a photographer, but, it is also because am a client.

So here they are, the pictures,

This one I would have loved, both smiles are real, clarity and contrast is great.. but... My hair is all kinds of jacked up between our heads and against my forehead.. so I don't like it at all..

Next...Again, her composition, contrast, and lighting are not in question.. It is the pose .. remember we posed ourselves.. but can't see what we look like.
Our bodies are too far apart and I look like I am straining to kiss him.. his hand is also in a funny position when it should have been around me..

Another one that is actually my favorite of all the ones I have seen.. but again, his body is all wrong.. his pelvis is turned away from me and the space between us makes it seem like the pose is strained. His body is turned away from me instead of towards me..

There were several taken of us sitting on these rocks and I can't say that I like any of them, all of the poses just don't look right to me..

Then there were the ones on the bench.. My retarded looking feet just messed this all up.. plus we had some pretty fake smiles going on..

I have seen previous work from this photographer which is what made me choose her.. She has done some great work .. especially with children and babies.. but overall I was just disappointed with what I received.. I didn't even bother to mention any of this to her as her prices were already so low that I do not believe that she owes me anything .. not even a reshoot. However, I did feel the need to express my sincere feelings about what I think should have been different.. and that was her ability to pose her clients in a way that makes the pictures just that much better, I believe that once she learns this her photography will be perfect because she already has all of the other aspects of the craft down.


  1. I see exactly what you're talking about. I'm glad you spoke your mind and said how you feel... I'm proud of you :)

  2. Thanks Em, now I just hope I don't get reamed by the people that love this particular photographer.

  3. Dude the picture of you two kissing makes it seem like you're kissing someone you never met before. Seem uncomfortable to me. The pictures would be amazing if those adjustments would have been made.

  4. I have to say, I agree with you. Posing definitely needs work, on the photographer's end. It shouldn't be the client's job to pose, esp making sure all elements are good to go. Like you said, the client can't see thru the lens. Other than the poses, the pictures look good.

  5. Ya know, I would have never thought about it had you not pointed it out; but I can definitely see what you're saying. You and Kris look awesome btw.

  6. I most definitely agree with you. Did she know you're a photographer? If she did, I dont understand why she didn't stop in the middle of it and let you see some of the pictures. I mean, just so you could have seen how things were going and if you wanted to change anything. Besides the poses, the pictures are good--you guys look awesome!

  7. Yes, she did know that I am a photographer, she said she has been doing this for 3 years now.. I have been doing it for a little over 6.. so granted I have more experience, but still ..


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