Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Communication is the key...

In the past.. what seems like the very distant past now.. I knew some people.. people I no longer know.. people that I apparently never really knew. People that could walk away from me without so much as a word to say why.. People claiming I had done something horrible to them so they did not want me in their life but never mentioning what this horrible thing was.

I have taught my children an important trait and that is this.. If you have a problem with someone.. an issue with something they have done, said, or are doing, then tell them. Things cannot be fixed if they are ignored. Do not ignore the small things that bother you for one day they will become big things in your mind. Give others a chance to know what is bothering you. If you don't tell them then how would they know?

We always tend to assume that everyone else in the world knows what we are thinking and that they do things purposely against us. 98% of the time, that isn't true. Most people go about their daily lives just minding their own business.. living their own lives, not realizing that something they did or said upset someone else.

No one is perfect. It isn't possible. Not everyone is meant to be friends or even like each other. There are people that fit with our personalities and those that don't.. and that is ok.

I have met many many people in my short 32 years on this earth.. I am proud to have met them. I cannot say that I have enjoyed the company of all of them or that they have all enjoyed my company, but I can tell you that I enjoyed meeting them and having them in my life for whatever amount of time they were there.

Be the happiness that you want to see in the world. Treat your friends and acquaintances with respect by giving them a chance and letting them know when you are having issues. Break the silence. Be strong and be happy. Remember that if you come to someone with a problem in a mature manner without accusing you may find that what happened was a miscommunication.

Give people the chance that you would want to be given to explain themselves.

I pray that everyone in my life knows that I care about them and I try to tell them when I can. I hope that if any problems do arise that my friends would be good enough to come to me with the problem. Let us fix these things together rather than letting a world of confusion tear us apart.

Love to all..

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