Thursday, February 23, 2012

Basking in the Silence....

I am sitting here in silence while my daughter takes her nap and it feels good.. The quiet is comforting.. My life is comforting. As I look around at all the pictures on my walls I know how lucky I am. How much love I have.

Some people dread the moment that their lives become comfortable... or as they would describe it.. mundane.. repetitive.. I however bask in these times. I like the feeling of knowing tomorrow isn't going to explode in my face. At least in the sense that my husband & kids will not stop loving me. I know that not everything is a guarantee.. I know that bad things can happen.. I do worry about those things from time to time... but in the moments like this.. when I feel safe.. I feel love and comfort... I am truly happy.

I love having friends and family around me. I love meeting new people and doing new things.. But I also love being alone.. standing on a beach just breathing the warm, windy air.. Walking down a road taking in the world around me.. Driving down the street and looking at the scenery.. beautiful trees and flowers. Alone time is when I get to reflect on myself.. to learn more about me and the things I like. To be me as a person and not be anything else for anyone else around me.

When I am alone I am not a mother, wife, daughter, friend, or anything....I am just Pamela.. I don't have to be any of those other things.. I have a moment to breath where no one depends on me to say the right thing or read them a story.. fix a problem or take a picture, give a present or help with homework, it is just me.. no expectations.. no rules, no work.. just me. ..

I find many people have trouble with alone time.. maybe they are not comfortable with themselves.. or the silence.. I have found that these moments can be the most beneficial.. They make you want to be a better, wife, mother, friend, daughter, sister, lover... everything..

Give yourself these moments.. Bask in the silence for a day.. enjoy time to yourself to just have you and your thoughts. Love yourself.. then you will be better able to love others.

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