Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have been having intermittent leg pain for about 4 weeks now.. Never knew why but one day while I was playing one of my dance games the pain started to get really bad.. So I finally decided to go and try to have it looked at. Luckily my doctor actually listened to me and sent me in for an xray.

Ten days later I still hadn't heard from him so I called.. A different doctor returned my call and gave me my results.. he said he couldn't see anything there.. I said ok.. but it still hurts, so what now. He ordered a high contrast bone scan.. Which basically means they inject radioactive material into your blood stream then do another xray.. only this time it is on this giant machine and takes about 30 minutes cause they scanned my entire body... The machine looked a lot like this one.

After the scan I looked at the picture of my skeleton and noticed a white spot on my right leg (the one i was having pain in) .. I have no pictures of what it looked like because as soon as the tech saw me looking at it he took down the picture.. Techs aren't allowed to tell you anything.. So then I waited until the next day and called. The nurse called me back to inform me that I indeed have a stress fracture in my right leg and that I should rest for 8 weeks.. fat chance of that happening..haha.. So in 8 weeks I am to go back and get my leg re-scanned to make sure it has healed.

It is so weird that my leg is broken when I haven't really done anything to break it! Makes me wonder if I have the beginnings of osteoporosis.. ahh the thrills of getting Doc has me on calcium supplements now.. so hopefully that will help. Well.. that is pretty much it.. no running for me for awhile.


  1. I will be praying for you. I can relate to how you are feeling. I am glad your doc didn't wait longer!!! I have osteopenia, which is the beginning stage of osteoporosis, and they have me taking the calcium and vitamin d and doing weight bearing exercises. if you think you may have it, talk to your doctor about doing a dexa scan. That way you can get pro-active. Hugs and well wishes my friend.

  2. Thanks Shelly, I will do that.

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