Friday, March 4, 2011

CT Scan....& Mammogram

On Jan. 24th I went in to the doctor for both a CT Scan and a Mammogram.. My mammogram came back was absolutely clear.. great news..:) btw.. for all you ladies wondering.. The mammogram was not nearly as bad as everyone makes it out to be... uncomfortable.. yes.. but the pain was minimal.... I expected to be close to or in tears with all the boob smashing from what I had previously heard about it.. but it is not nearly as horrifying as people have said.. so ladies... don't be too concerned about the discomfort.. the scan is well worth it if it can save your life!

Well, yesterday my CT Scan results came back.. I have to say that I got a little more information than I had bargained for... I already knew that I have a deviated septum.. I found that out with my last CT.. but the doctor added a few things.. I also have thickening of the nasal passages with chronic sinusitis and ......... a bone spur.. yeah..

So, now I am being referred to the ENT specialist.. I can just imagine how they are going to want to fix this.. they are going to want to do surgery and shave off the bone spur.. this does not sound fun to fact it sounds extremely painful.. I don't think I would do it if they offered.. now if they offer to clean out my nasal passages I would probably say yes to that.. although I am sure it would still suck.. but not as much as shaving off a bone spur..

So now I know what is wrong with me.. and why i have constant headaches.. and now you know Since not many people know that I have constant headaches..... because usually they are not severe or crippling.. just constant... Luckily since I have been seeing a chiropractor those have calmed down too.. Thank God for small favors!

So the next step for me is to make an appointment with the ENT.. and I am supposed to do that on Tuesday.. but I already have an appt on Monday cause they said I needed one to discuss the results of my scan with my Doctor.. guess I didn't need that appt. after all since my doc called me..haha... oh well..

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  1. If you go to the ENT at Bremerton Naval ask for Dr. Killian. That is who we saw for Ivy and who I was told is awesome and I agree. He's really nice and super helpful.


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