Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Can you HEAR me?

Throughout my life I have run into some people who have found it funny to mispronounce words.. or even use them in the wrong context.. I can find humor in that most of the time.. I start having a problem when people honestly don't know the difference! So here is a list for you of words that I see frequently misused or mispelled .. with a little help from The Oatmeal of course!

Now on to the words...

I HEAR you! Not I HERE You! Hearing is what you do with your ears! You are HERE is where you are, not what you are listening to!
I take a picture, Not a pitcher! You put your tea in a PITCHER! It is not what you immortalize moments on!
I want to go to THEIR house! Not There house! THEIR is what you use when referring to PEOPLE who are possessing something! There is a place! Oh, and They're means THEY ARE!
If I am selling an item .. It is not For SELL! It is for SALE!!!

You can lose your wallet, not LOOSE it... Loose is what you would consider a girl that sleeps around not the absence of your wallet!

The correct use of YOUR is to posses something... Like Your car, or YOUR wallet.. YOU'RE Means YOU ARE! like You're an idiot for using this word wrong!

The effect you have on me is that i want to rip my hair out! This is kinda like being affected by crazy people.

Please remember that A LOT of you think alot is a word... but it isn't... figure it out..

Oh and one more thing... Monday through Sunday is a WEEK.. not a WEAK... You feel WEAK... you don't feel WEEK...

If you think I am wrong.. Well, we have already determined that you can't even use words correctly so what do I care what you think...

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