Monday, December 20, 2010

It is better to give.....

I have always enjoyed giving gifts... as a matter of fact, I usually end up going overboard.. especially at Christmas

I love to see the look on someone's face when they love what I have gotten for them.. it really gives me a wonderful feeling.

I have to admit though sometimes I feel twinges of jealousy when other people receive awesome gifts and I don't receive anything in return. I fight with myself over this... Many times when I do receive things I end up wondering why I got it.. mostly because it is usually not something I would choose for myself.. I always wonder if people really know me or if I hide to much of myself .. because if they knew me at all then maybe they would better be able to choose gifts for me.. As my husband says.. I am really hard to shop for i guess... lol..

So, this Christmas season.. my goal is to not be so concerned with what I receive... because it really doesn't matter... What matters is that I have a wonderful family that loves me and that I am very happy .. I really do have everything that I could ever ask for.. :)

I want for everyone to take a look at themselves.. do you get disappointed when you get a gift that you "didn't want" or "didn't like" well don't! There is no reason to ... Someone was thinking about you! Someone in your life had you on their mind as they scanned the internet, shopped the crowded stores, or handmade what they thought would be the perfect gift for you.. What? you don't think it is perfect? Your wrong! As fellow Blogger Kandee said, it is the perfectly imperfect gift for a perfectly imperfect you!

Sometimes even when we believe we are an open book and it is more than obvious what we want for Christmas.. we are usually wrong.. so open those perfectly imperfect gifts and see them for what they are.. A BEAUTIFUL THOUGHT ABOUT YOU!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

And for a little photo pleasure.. Here is a great picture that I took with my new E5..:)

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