Thursday, December 2, 2010

It has been awhile....

Well December is here... only 10 more days until I turn 31 and soon Kris will be back home with us again... Things have been a little crazy lately...

On Monday the 20th we had a bit of a snow storm here and a LOT of power outages.. Our power was out from 6pm Monday night until 12:30 am Wednesday... so a bit over 24 hours without power in 20 some degree weather.. but we managed... we lit a bunch of candles and camped out in my room.. Nicole came to stay with us here since her power was out too... It was nice having another adult to talk to during that super long

The Navy also decided to do some fun stuff with our money this month so that messed things up a bit.. hopefully we will be able to get all of that worked out soon..

Other than that.. things have been pretty good.. been doing some Christmas shopping and you know I went out on black friday.. Had to get my drill from sears you I bought a few things online too like a new TV for my husband and a washer and dryer for me.. hey .. that doesn't sound right...lmao.. Oh well.. I love my new washer and dryer.. It is wonderful to be able to do big loads of laundry and wash my comforters again!

This is mine now!! The Maytag Bravos

I am looking forward to doing another giveaway on my blog.. but with the recent events that probably won't happen till January or February now.. but it will happen! So keep a look out ladies! If anyone would like to donate something for a giveaway I would be happy to do it for you!


  1. I never even thought about that! I already have some of your teas that I can use in a giveaway! :)


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