Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well, I went in for a consultation on Saturday at Athenix body sculpting institute, to find out about micro-body contouring... and natural breast augmentation... it definitely looks like something I would want to do... IF they didn't try to over charge me.. They say that the charges are $995 per area.. mmm hmm.. but they break your abdomen down into 3, yes thats right 3 areas! It is ridiculous... Not only that they charge 1500 just for the room, that you are only in for a couple hours btw... doesn't seem worth it if you ask me.. soooo I am going to have my velashape done since it is already paid for and that will probably be the end of it.. we shall see how that works out.. and I will let you know... but $8000 for someone my size is just above and beyond what we are willing to pay right now.. and I still cannot get over them trying to charge the abdomen as 3 areas instead of 1 like it is. crazy...


  1. Wow! $8000? Not sure, but I think you can buy new boobs for that anymore...

  2. Holy wow!!! That is crazy expensive!


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