Thursday, January 19, 2012

Locating Veterans

Nowadays we have many ways to locate people online.. Facebook, Myspace, Twitter.. etc.. But what if you want to find a Medal of Honor recipient? Find a grave site of someone who served in the U.S. Military? Well it turns out that there is an easy way to do that now.

There are now two easily searchable websites that you can use to do those searches and hopefully find who you are looking for.

First there is the Grave & Burial Site Records Website This site will help you to find lost friends and relatives who served in the U.S. Military but just searching for last names, cemetery name, or even the date of death. I found it to be easily searchable and it runs the search rather quickly too.

The second link Medal of Honor Recipients allows you to choose the war you want to search along with the name of the person you are looking for. So if you have anyone that you would like to look up this website makes it easy.

The main site is called Find the Data and has many options for different searches but these two links are primarily geared at Military members past and present. I hope you enjoy taking a look at it.

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