Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Its that time again!

Well.. 2 years ago I got my Droid phone.. and I LOVED it.. I love android phones.. I got the original droid with the slide out qwerty keyboard.. mainly because I had always had an actual keyboard before and was afraid to go full touch screen. Well it turns out that I NEVER used the keyboard on my only the touch screen.

So when it came time to replace my phone because as electronics sometimes do it has started acting badly and having many issues. I decided I would go with a full touch screen. My choice left me torn between the
Motorola Droid Bionic

The Droid Razr

After much research on price, specs, and reviews I decided on the Razr. It has a bit faster processor and a well made Kevlar backing. I found consumer reviews on the two phones to be about even but CNET's professional review put the Razr a step ahead of the Bionic and since that is what I am looking for .. that is what I went with.

My new phone should be arriving on the 12th and I am looking forward to seeing if we are in a 4G area and if it is as fast as it claims to be. I will say that I have played with both phones at the Verizon kiosk and the Razr did seem to be faster than the bionic.

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