Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Acne problems?

I have had skin issues most of my life.. but when I turned 25 they got worse.. I am now 32 and have acne worse than most teens! I have 3 different kinds! Cystic acne (under my chin), rash like acne(all over my face!) and regular white head pimples.. oh and lets not forget blackhead.. YUCK! Ok so what is my point? Other than my skin

Here is my point. I have been using proactiv for years.. .and it helped.. a lot.. as long as I didn't miss my day and night appointment with my face wash and cream! The rash acne (which bothers me the most) went away completely. The other 3 became less frequent but was still there. I haven't found any products that get rid of it all and trust me .. I have tried a lot!

So I have been looking for something that would work and cost LESS than the ever expensive proactiv.. but it seems that most products are made with salicylic acid.. Which for me.. just makes things worse. So here is a list of what I have tried.. Well.. not a full list.. that would take forever! lol

Murad-- Stay away from this product at all costs! I have oily skin and it is super drying, uncomfortable to put on and made my acne and blackheads WORSE! YES! WORSE!

Biore Blemish fighting Ice Cleanser- This one is great for blackhead but still a salicylic acid product and my rash acne came back.

Neutrogena Morning burst-- I couldn't use this more than once.. It says no oil but it feels extremely greasy to me.

Neutrogena night scrub (purple container)-- Felt nice on my skin and good for blackheads but my rash acne came back fast.

Proactiv heavy duty formula-- works great but the price is crazy high

Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser-- Doesn't erase anything or help in any way.. for me anyways.

And now for what I have recently found that WORKS! and doesn't break the bank!

Neutrogena Clear Pore Daily Scrub- Contains the magic ingredient 3.7% Benzoyl Peroxide ! This stuff cleared my rash acne in 3 days! The greatest thing is it is only about $6 at walmart!
With it I needed a Benzoyl Peroxide lotion.. Well walmart has come out with their own Proactiv like line! So I got a 2.5% Benzoyl Peroxide lotion for only about $4! Great thing is it actually feels good on the skin and absorbs well! (keep it away from your clothes though cause it will bleach things quick as will all benzoyl peroxide products)
The face wash & lotion I use.

I do use a toner occasionally and have found that plain old witch hazel works wonderfully and it very inexpensive at around $5 for 16oz bottle.

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  1. It seems you have a very sensitive skin, which is why those seemingly-effective products still produce adverse effects when you apply them. The best way I think is to consult with a dermatologist, so they could figure out what medicine or cream to use for your acne problems. Best not experiment with different products on your own since the wrong one might cause more bad than good.

    Gaye @ Stone Dermatology


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